Colleges And Universities Have
Abandoned Their Post

There Is Over 1.2 Trillion In Student Debt In The US ALONE

Over 300,000 College Graduates Make Below Minimum Wage In 2018

27% Of College Graduates Must Move Back In With Their Parents

Since 1999, student loan debt has increased by 500% while incomes for young workers have decreased by 10% since the year 2000.

H-Com Give People A Way To Build
A Career and Business Affordably
And Avoid The College Scam

Learn From Real Mentors

Don’t Pay Some Stranger $1,500 To Teach You English
With A Side Of Socialism
Alex Becker Alex Becker

Alex Becker is the CEO of Market Hero and founder of Spekter Labs Supplements. You will be learning lessons directly from his near decade in online marketing and sales tactics tactics that generate his business 8 figures annually

Matt Schmitt Matt Schmitt

Matt Schmitt the head coach and master mind behind H-Com. You will learning and looking over his shoulder as he teaches you the exact tactics that have generated him 10s of millions in E-Commerce sales

Devin Zander Devin Zander

Devin Zander is the CEO of Smar7 Apps, one of the largest Shopify APP brands in the world. You will be getting step by step store optimization and guidance learned from analyzing and working with some of the biggest most profitable stores online

Learn From From Our Team Of 8,7 and 6 Figure Earning
Entrepreneurs Actually Practice What They Preach

Get All The Tools You Need To

The H-Com Software Arsenal
App # 1

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

SMAR7 Bundle is the smartest upsell app on Shopify and will track every action users take on your website to provide the most congruent upsell possible (this is based on items in cart, amount of items, device, operating system, screen size) and will adapt and change it’s design based on these factors

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell
SMAR7 Express Fulfillment Automation
App # 2

SMAR7 Express Fulfillment Automation

SMAR7 Express Fulfillment Automation allows you totally automate the fulfillment for your store from the biggest drop shipping whole sellers online. This means when you come into H-Com 2018 you don't need to worry about the tricky set up of fulfilling. This app makes it a 1 click process!

App # 3

SMAR7 Scarcity Countdown Timer

Scarcity plugins are the #1 way to get customers on your store to buy NOW and dramatically increases conversions. We know this so we are providing a top of the line countdown app that goes for $297 a year on the open market so that you can start increasing conversions on day one

SMAR7 Scarcity Countdown Timer
And finally


You do not have to buy a SINGLE tool to use this course. One more time: There are ZERO required hard costs right out of the gate. Once inside you will have access to Market Hero for 6 months FREE. This will allow you to

Mail and follow up with all your customers
Strategically track sales and customer value
Send your customers down deep and interaction based sales funnels
Provide dynamic e-commerce emails on the fly
Bring back abandon cart customers with interaction based abandon cart emailss
Downsale and up your customers with ease
Have the best delivery of your sales material on the market
Get the stats you need to grow your store with paid traffic and increase customer value
Be on the literal cutting edge of Shopify email marketing
Join A Community Of E-Commerce
Business Owners and Experts
Join Members Like
Please note: These are not the typical results of H-Com and are some of our best students. These results are used to reflect the potential and your results will vary.

Get The Education You Need To Succeed From Home Without The Mountain Of College BullS#%T and Debt
We Walk The Walk. Every Program Comes
With A Action Based 100% Risk Free
Every course/program comes with an action based guarantee because unlike colleges we have faith in our programs. As long as you take and apply the courses your investment is totally covered! ENROLLMENT IS CURRENTLY AT CAPACITY FOR 2018